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Affordable, Respectful, Reliable Junk & Rubbish Removal

Affordable Junk Removal Company

Monday to Saturday, 8AM-8PM, Sunday Noon-8PM
Always Respectful, Reliable & Responsible. Full Service Garbage, Junk & Rubbish Removal.
Recycling - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


One man’s junk removal is another man’s treasure. When possible, we donate any furniture pick-up items, clothing and other items to local charities and help to reduce the land fill. 

Recycling - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


Our fast and affordable junk removal and garbage pick-up services are available 7 days a week, when you need them or as a regularly scheduled service. We clean up too! 

Recycling - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


Our affordable recycling services include the pickup and disposal of appliances, furniture, metal, electronics and almost anything else you can think of. 

Affordable Waste Removal & Recycling Services

We provide junk removal and recycling services for both residential and commercial. Not only are our disposal services both professional and respectful, our junk removal pricing rates are very reasonably priced and affordable. We’re here to take care of you and your junk and rubbish 7 days a week. We clean up after ourselves too!

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Why Choose Us for Your Junk Removal Needs?


1. Respectful, Reliable, Responsible Service

2. Available 7 Days a Week, Flexible Scheduling, At Your Convenience 

3. Reasonable, Unbeatable Low Cost Rates!!

Our Personnel are Bondable and WorkSafe BC Insured

Our team of professionals provide environmentally-friendly waste removal and recycling services in a respectful, reliable and responsible manner. We make sure your already sorted (or still to be sorted by us) junk, trash and recycling makes it to the right place.

Local Junk Removal Services Near You

Always Reddy Rubbish Removal is proud to offer friendly, affordable, and environmentally friendly junk removal services in Vancouver, Surrey, and Langley. All of our junk removal services for residential and commercial properties were designed with the customer in mind, offering lower junk removal costs than any other junk removal company in the business without sacrificing on high-quality services.

No matter what type of waste removal you are looking for, our junk removal professionals can help by ensuring all of your unwanted items are properly disposed of in a safe and timely manner.

Our rubbish removal process makes junk removal in Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver as simple and straightforward as possible. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know which items from your home, office, or property that you would like to dispose of. We will take care of the rest by removing the unwanted items, as well as cleaning up the area to ensure nothing is left behind and that the space is cleaner than we found it.

Our team of junk removal professionals will also take the time to sort through your junk and garbage in order to recycle or donate any appropriate items, limiting the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. Once the items have been properly sorted, we will make sure that your garbage, recycling, and gently used items are delivered to the right place.

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Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday, 8AM-8PM, Sunday Noon-8PM

Junk Removal in Surrey, Vancouver & Langley

Fast, friendly & affordable junk removal services including construction cleanups, estate cleanouts and more.