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Affordable, Respectful, Reliable Junk & Rubbish Removal
Monday to Saturday, 8AM-8PM, Sunday Noon-8PM
Always Respectful, Reliable & Responsible. Full Service Garbage, Junk & Rubbish Removal.

Junk Removal Prices

Flexible scheduling at your convenience, 7 days a week.

Reasonable, unbeatable low cost rates!!

Pricing for our junk and rubbish removal services and recycling services in the Lower Mainland, for furniture and appliances or for a full loaded one-ton truck, are listed below. For other junk removal service pricing, rubbish removal service pricing and/or recycling service pricing please call us at 778 999 2803 or use our contact form to request a quote.

One-Ton Truck $350 to $400

1/2 Ton Truck $250 to $300

1/4 Ton Truck $100 to $200

Minimum Pick-up $45

Mattress & Box Spring $70 to $140

Recliner / One Seater Sofa Arm Chair $65

Love Seat / Two Seater $75

Couch / Sofa / Three Seater $100

Hide-a-Bed Couch / Sofa $120

Washer & Dryer $65 to $130

Stove $65 to $80

Gas or electric BBQ $65 to $80

Refrigerator $65 to $100

Deep Freezer $65 to $125

 Payment Options

 We accept cash or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

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Donate - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


Where possible used furniture, clothing and other household or business items will be donated to a Lower Mainland charity, and help reduce the land fill.
Garbage - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


Our Lower Mainland garbage pickup and removal services are available when you need them or as a scheduled weekly, bi-weekly service.
Recycling - Always Readdy Rubbish Removal


Our Lower Mainland recycling services include the pickup and disposal of appliances, metal, electronics – and almost anything else you can think of.
Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday, 8AM-8PM, Sunday Noon-8PM

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